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The Power Leads System:
PLS (7day free trial)

Why The Power Lead System? 

PLS allows you to get and/or create a funnel page
just like this o
ne you are reading now!

Would you like to see some of the pages I will give my share code for you?

All of these pages were made on the PLS splash page maker.
Some were edited with Canva.com and added to the "Advanced  PLS Pages" .
Many were just created with the simple splash or capture page maker.

Click on pic to see full page.

PLS Splash Pages:

Free Lead System (FLS) Page: Click here Share Code: 752201-91
connects to: Free Lead System Opt in Page Page: Click here Share Code: 752201-98FLSopt 
connects to: Free Lead System Welcome10 Page: Click here Share Code: 752201-9813

PLS Lightning Page: Click here  Share Code:  752201-90
(connects to): PLS Lightning Opt in Page: Click here  Share Code:  752201-9815
(connects to): PLS Lightning Welcome10 Page: Click here  Share Code: 752201-9812

PMS & Elite Traffic Club Pages:

Beach Huts: Click here  Share Code: 752201-92 
Paradise Page: Click here Share Code: 752201-93 
Travel2: Click here: Share Code: 752201-94
Real Dream: Click here Share Code: 752201-96 

(All pages here connect to):
Team OPT IN Page: Click here  Share Code: 752201-9818bestTEAMOPT 

(which connect to):
PMS Welcome 8 Page: Click here  Share Code: 752201-98welcome8

GDI Squeeze Pages:

GDI Cares page: Click 
here Share Code: 
1:1 Mentor GDI page: Click here Share Code: 752201-87 
Join the Success: Click here Share Code: 752201-88  
GDI Beach: Click here Share Code: 752201-89

Funnel Pages:

Marketing Tips Funnel page: Click
here  Share Code: 
What You don't Know about Traffic Funnel: Click here Share Code: 752201-85
Practical Steps To Six Figures Funnel: Click here: Share Code: 752201-82
Free Gifts Funnel: Click here Share Code: 752201-81
Great Opportunities Funnel: Click here Share Code: 752201-83
Five Businesses Funnel: Click here Share Code: 752201-84 

Autoresponder Series:

FLS/Lead Lightning/PLS: Share Code: 752201-98ARPLS
Prosperity Marketing System/FLS/Lead Lightning/PLS:  Share Code: 752201-98ARPMSFLSPLS

These are just a few! 

Want more?
Just simply contact Albie and let him know you would like copies of other pages
to use for yourself and its okay, he will copy these pages for you and give you the
"share code"so you can have all these pages and also so that you
don't have to go to all the work to create them!

You will also be able to add your picture and links to these pages
or edit them as you wish! 

So how do I use Share Codes?

1. First Login to PLS: 

Login to PLS: 


2. Go past ad page. Then follow these instructions: 

Follow these pics if need help: 


Then scroll down and enter your share code:  (example): 752201-91
Then press "Submit"


Then click on "Manage" under the share code (example): "752201-91"

Click  "View" at the bottom.

You'll come to the appropriate page.
It should say your shared item (example): "Free Lead System Splash"
Next, press "Copy" or "Make a Copy"
Next, title your page what you want to call it.

Have Questions about PLS: Click below: 

Questions 1

 Questions 2

The Three Parts of PLS: 
PLS has Three main functions we will be using regularly: 
1. Splash Page Maker (under Websites Tab) 
2. Autoresponder (Under E-mail/ Text Tab) 
3. Training (Under Training Tab) 
1. Splash Page Maker: 

To Learn how to create Splash Pages

Go here

2. Autoresponder: 

To Learn how to set up your Autoresponder

Go here

3. Training 

To Learn how to use the Training:

First go to Training Tab.
Then Start with "The Road to Success"

Here's a few pics to guide you: 

For practical reasons, this training will help you understand PLS the best: 

To really inspire you what is possible with PLS,
YOU HAVE to read the "Road Map to Riches"!

However, after you're done reading the Road Map to Riches,
we encourage you focus on learning the Five Crucial Skills
from us as this will help you to learn how to make consistent income online.
It took us five years to learn these principles and we will show you how to implement
the Road Map to Riches inside our system!

So keep this training link below and DON'T LOSE IT.
This link is the key to your future success
(and I'm not hyping this up).

Keep working through each
"Bite sized Training" page a little each day
until you have MASTERED the Five Crucial Skills!
Everything will change for you marketing online after you do!



In addition PLS has a great system that allows you to build
almost any capture page or funnel you want that allows you
eventually learn how to do great ads, with a single
or double opt in 
autoresponder to help you build your list.

 PLS has a vast
 education system that teaches multiple
advertising methods including Facebook, YouTube and Social Media.
This however is just the tip of the iceberg.
There is a $300 marketing course that you can have for free just for joining!
Your Welcome! 

In addition It allows you to create a much larger 
monthly residual income and to create $100, $500 & $1000 paydays.*

*This is very important to create a six figures income.

Find out more about PLS here

Meet my seven figure mentor Alan

Once you join, read the "Road to Success"
 inside the "Training" Tab.

Get your additional free Gift here
It is a free marketing system by the Power Lead System
that can give you free leads for life

See how this system will help you get to Six Figures
Now you are on your way!

What you can expect:

One: Okay, so these programs are not a "get rich quick" schemes.
So expect things to take time. Nothing substantial happens overnight.
We do care about your success and will not
leave you to figure it out yourself.

Have Questions? Connect with me here

Looking forward to working with you! 

Albie Derbyshire
cell: 626-379-5692
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